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Glad to have you here

If you are here, I don’t need to tell you that photos & videos are the most important thing for your marketing.

Nothing shows more who you really are.

Nothing shows more what you can achieve.

Nothing shows more, your uniqueness.

I stand up for all that is you in your wholeness, your competence and your expertise for you uncomplicated and creative, fast and safe to implement in absolute uniqueness.

I care about your success, because your success is my success! I know that it’s crucial for you to be able to really make sure that the material we create together not only picks up your target audience and converts them to customers, but also works in any social media format and gets special attention.


Fynn Daubner

Hey I’m Fynn, a 20 yr old digital native, emigrated to Cyprus and in truth, no one cares how I got into photography & videography.

For now 8 years I inspire my customers by the uncomplicated, serious, authentic and trusting cooperation. I love it when we have fun at work, good vibes and shoot off creative fireworks.


I know that you, as my model, need an atmosphere of familiarity in photos & videos to be able to properly stage your authenticity. I know that you as my model, need the security that I see your most wonderful sides and hold. I know that you as my model, need my appreciation and want to be seen through me, so that your target audience sees in your truthfulness.

To achieve this & much more, let’s get to know each other NOW.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not photogenic, it doesn't work for me!


Your former photographer simply did not know how to put you properly in the scene!

With me there are 2 principles:


  1. To lighten the mood so that every shooting is authentic and at eye level.
  2. No stress and thus to radiate Bad Energy, so that everyone feels comfortable.
At what point is it worth working on external perception?

Well, actually as soon as you want to start earning money.

How many more potential customers do you want to scare away from your current “online presence”?


At what point is it worth it to turn customers into fans?

Maybe you have a photographer who regularly takes photos for you.

Maybe you already have an awesome online presence that immediately wins the trust of your potential customers.

Maybe you get new customers buying from you every day.

But do those customers buy over and over again?

Let’s start inside your business now and make your “explicit content” so that your customers can learn from you much easier & faster, and thus have fun and an awesome feeling associated with your collaboration, making it impossible for them to want to leave again.


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How does the cooperation work?

As I said above, I stand up for all that makes you in your wholeness, your competence and expertise for you uncomplicated and creative, fast and safe to implement in absolute uniqueness.

I will do everything for your success, because that is what I need in order not to be in a bad light. Let’s find out together what is right for you and your business and implement it together quickly, easily and with absolute professionalism.

Is there a guarantee?

Unfortunately, what I am offering here is not a magic formula that will suddenly turn everything around for you! But if you are 100% committed and know what marketing really is, then I see no way why all this should not work here.

How long do I have to wait for my pictures & videos?

You know the deadline is preferably always yesterday 😉

When other photo & videographers are standard shipping in 3-5 days, I’m Amazon Prime 😉

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